Yoga for EVERY Body

Beach Belly's Yoga and Wellness Center  was founded in 2015 by Yolanda Imprevento, as an attempt to fill a disturbing gap in the current yoga practice. For too long, she noticed how only certain types of people seemed to be included and catered to in most yoga classrooms, and this upset her greatly. Yolanda decided to take a stand, and do something about it. 

Yoga is more than cute yoga pants, and yoga is for all people of all body types. Most importantly yoga is a mind, body, & soul connection. Beach Belly's Yoga and Wellness Center is the premiere studio in Hampton Roads that not only embraces all body types, but celebrates them. There is a yoga class perfect for everyone, including:

  • Thrive in Your Curves Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Stress Relief & Restorative Yoga
  • Hatha Slow Flow Yoga
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki
  • Essential Oils Aromatherapy
  • So Much More!


Come and join us to find out more about the power of yoga and what it can do for you. 



Yolanda Imprevento

Yolanda Imprevento started practicing meditation while growing up in Montana. A lover of nature and the outdoors, she immediately fell in love with the practice. Bringing awareness to the breath provided her an opportunity to slow down and tune in. Becoming a Yoga Instructor was a natural transition that stemmed from her passion to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with others.

She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Certification and Restorative Yoga Certification at Breathe Yoga Center in Norfolk, VA where she is currently enrolled in the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. 

Additionally, Yolanda received her Life Coach Certification from the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center. She is an expert in both Mindfulness Meditation and Transcendental Meditation. As a passionate believer in life long education, Yolanda is also enrolled in the Yoga for Round Bodies Program with Tiina Veer. Yolanda believes in the message of yoga and diversity. Her mission is as follows:

"My goal is to bring attention to body preoccupation and its detrimental side effects in combatting size discrimination. I am an advocate for change and inclusion when it comes to health, wellness, and acceptance." 

Yolanda Imprevento, Founder and CEO | 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher | Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor |  Certified Life Coach &  Mindfulness Mediation Instructor | Expert Transcendental Mediation Coach


Erin Zerbe 


Erin Zerbe is a Certified Crystal Healer and Shaman in training in the Celtic Traditions. After having multiple negative experiences with yoga due to her size and physical limitations, Erin had all but given up on yoga. Thats when Yolanda (Erin's best friend, and mom!) decided it was time to make yoga more inclusive for all people. Since beginning her journey with Beach Belly's Yoga and Wellness Center, Erin has developed a deep love and personal connection to her yoga and meditation practice. Inspired by the joy and balance yoga and meditation brought to her life, Erin earned her certification in crystal healing from the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. Since then she has started practicing the art of divination readings and is currently deepening her study of the arts and traditions of Celtic Shamanism. Erin is an Associate Professor of Art and a "crazy cat lady". 

Erin Zerbe, Co-Founder & Media Manager | CCH Certified Crystal Healer | Celtic Shaman in Training | MFA Associate Professor of Art 


Kevin Zerbe

Kevin Zerbe is a Strategic Advisor at Beach Belly's Yoga and Wellness Center. In this capacity, he helps shape the business's long-term strategic plans and goals. He has a diverse professional background that includes nonprofit management and sustainability consulting. Outside of Beach Belly's, Kevin enjoys travelling and spending time in nature. His favorite places to visit include Western Montana, the Eastern Sierras, and the Desert Southwest. Kevin has a master's degree in environmental policy and management from the University of Denver. He is currently working on his PhD in environmental management at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.

Kevin Zerbe,  Strategic Planning Advisor

Monica Capps

Monica began practicing yoga over six years ago as a way to move her body and find an outlet for stress. In turn, she has gained so much more, by cultivating more patience and reigniting her sense of creativity and craftiness that follow her on the mat as well as in her daily life.

She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow training at Breathe Yoga Center in Norfolk, and has training in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Storytime Yoga for Children.  She is currently completing Yoga for All Training with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes.

Monica hopes to create a safe and grounded space for all bodies to feel welcome on the mat and in the yoga room.  Regardless of the mind or body in which we live, we can find a little more strength and flexibility, a little less stress and tension, and use the gifts of the practice to enhance our lives off of the mat.  

Monica Capps,  200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Dianna Helgesen


Dianna has been a practitioner of yoga for several years as part of an active lifestyle. In the fall of 2016 she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Her yoga practice healed her body and her spirit after her surgery. Shortly after, she decided to go through yoga teacher training so she could share her experience through teaching. She graduated from Breathe Yoga Center 200 hour teacher training in 2017.  She offers flow style classes infused with her light hearted sense of humor and eclectic taste in music. 

Dianna Helgesen, 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Liz Riggs

Influenced by her teachers and her experience, Liz brings her passion for the healing powers of yoga to every class she teaches. With a focus on healing and balancing classes like restorative yoga, breath focused flow, and gentle yoga, Liz engaged her students in a way that is accessible and safe for everyone. She adopts a "come as you are" philosophy to her classes. Liz's training includes 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Breathe Yoga Center in Norfolk, VA, in addition to over 60 hours of training in restorative yoga. 

Liz Riggs, 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Karen Babcock

Karen first found yoga in 2004 after the birth of her second son, shortly after leaving corporate America.

Karen holds specialties in yoga therapy, back therapeutic yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga for the larger body, seniors yoga, chair yoga, kids, yoga for eating disorders and Pilates.  Karen has had many and nearly countless inspirational teachers along the way.

Her philosophy is that yoga should be accessible and safe for everybody. We should each be honoring our bodies where they are on any given day. Each time we step on our mat it’s a new opportunity to transform mind, body and spirit. And on a grander scale, that gives us opportunity to transform the world around us on our journeys to be the best version of ourselves that we can be on each given day.

Yoga is a practice, enjoy the journey.

Karen Babcock, E-RYT500, 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher 

John Browning 

Greetings!  I'm John.  I went to my first yoga class because my wife thought it would be good for me.  Truth is…several years later…I have to admit she was right.  Seriously I feel better - physically and mentally.  Life seems less chaotic.   But that's not by accident.  With dedicated practice, patience and wonderful, truly gifted instructors along the way, my yogic experience has been so much more than just a bunch of twisty, bendy shapes on a mat.   I am inspired to teach and guide others to find their better self.  It's my turn to give back and pay it forward.   See you soon!  

John Browning, 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Alma Browning

Alma became hooked on yoga in 2005 when she attended her first class at a local YMCA. Consistent practice fostered a strong passion for both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga that led to her completion of a 200 hr teacher training program at Chesapeake Hot Yoga in 2009.  Later she expanded her knowledge and skills with a 500hr program at Yax Yoga Concepts in 2012.  For Alma there is always something new to learn, experience and share!

Alma Browning, 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Erin Stacks


Erin used to be a competitive gymnast and she has this to contribute what brought her into the yoga world. Erin has been practicing yoga since 2012, but just recently decided to become a teacher and share her love of learning and yoga with others. She completed her 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training at Breathe Yoga Center in Norfolk. Erin loves how yoga can be both a way to challenge and ground oneself. She has a passion for inversions, meeting new people and practicing yoga at home with her yogi cats.

Erin Stacks, 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Ashleigh Carlisle

Hi! My name is Ashleigh Carlisle! I am a Pharmacy Technician, and a busy mom of 2 year old twins. I began my wellness journey looking for natural options for sleep, and immune support. Did I mention I’m a mom of twins? A friend of mine suggested I look into essential oils for a natural approach to wellness and after much research I found Young Living. I instantly fell in love with all their oils and products, and how they were allowing me to live a life free of toxins! And knowing Young Living is the oldest essential oil company on the market as well as having their Seed to Seal guarantee I knew I could trust their products with my family. I became a health and wellness advocate to help empower others to make healthy and natural choices to support their wellness goals. In my free time I enjoy using my oils during meditation, playing with my kids, reading, and teaching classes on essential oil basics as well as other topics regarding wellness and essential oils! I’m excited to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Ashleigh Carlisle, Young Living Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

Debbie Harrell

Debbie Harrell approaches her teaching with an emphasis on alignment, breath, acceptance, and compassion for each individuals unique circumstances. Her classes focus on mindfulness, joint health, flexibility, strength and balance. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a E-RYT500 and YACEP. She has been teaching for over ten years. Completing Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson’s Integrative Yoga for Seniors Professional Training at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham NC provided much insight into our ever-changing bodies and how we move on and off the mat.  Her continued studies with Judith Lasater include Restorative Yoga, The Lower Back, The Sacroiliac Joint, and Moving from the Organs. She brings her passion for Yoga to her teaching.

Debbie Harrell, Experienced & Registered Yoga Teacher - 500 Hour Certified 


Liat Pisco

I began doing yoga as a New Year's resolution.  My daughter and I decided it would be a great way to spend time together. As time went on I completely fell in LOVE! I loved the fun playlists, walking up walls, and most of all-how it made me feel. I decided I wanted to bring that feeling to others the way my instructors brought it to me. I received my 200RYT in 2015. Besides the studio and gyms, I have worked closely with the special needs community creating practices accessible to amazing special needs kids.

Liat Pisco, 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher