We offer a variety of classes that are appropriate for all sorts of skill levels. Please feel free to look at our class descriptions below, or click the button to see our weekly schedule and book a class that fits your needs. Looking forward to doing yoga with you soon!


A 30 minute morning Mindfulness Meditation.  Awaken to the mystery of being here, entering into the quiet immensity of your own presence, one sacred moment at a time. This short guided meditation is a great way to settle into the day or prepare for our Align & Shine Class that meets immediately after. This class is FREE. However, we welcome donations, and any donated funds will go to our "karama kiss" charity, the Norfolk SPCA.  We will meet across from BBY at 15th Bay St. Beach Access to meditate at sunrise. All levels welcome!

This class is followed by Align & Shine from 6:30 to 7:15 on fridays. 



Daily Dhyana (Mindfulness Meditation)

Instructor: Yolanda Imprevento


Free Class - Donations will go to our "Karma Kiss" Initiative 


Align & Shine

Instructor: Yolanda Imprevento


With emphasis on good alignment and proper form, this class suits both those new to yoga and those who seek mastery over their forms. Open to all levels, this class will help cultivate strength, openness, and body awareness. If you register for this class, you get FREE access to our Daily Dhyana meditation class that meets just before on the beach. All levels are welcome!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Beach Belly's Signature Flow 

Instructor: Erin Stack

Instructor: Nina Napolitano

Instructor: Karen Babcock


This is our signature class. Come see what Beach Belly's is all about! This flow class will incorporate breath work, poses, and props to move through a gentle yet invigorating practice that is sure to leave you feeling empowered and centered. Modifications and variations to poses will be covered for those who would prefer the use of props, or who need assistance for certain poses. This class is truly for ALL BODIES, meaning that all are welcome, no matter your experience level or fitness level.

If you've ever wanted to try yoga and have been unsure...this class is for you. All levels are welcome!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online



Instructor: Yolanda Imprevento

Instructor: Jeannie Kleppinger Ives


This class is the new, popular kid on the block! This restorative-style yoga class is perfect for those looking to experience all the benefits of yoga with support of a chair, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to practice yoga. Most movements are preformed seated, standing or using the chair for support combining gentle postures with  breath work and mediation for relaxation. Great for beginners or experienced yogis. Very beneficial for those who are uncomfortable getting on the floor...or for those who just don't want to. All levels are welcome!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Yin Yoga

Instructor: TBD


If you’ve ever wanted to go to a yoga class “for the stretch,” this practice might just be for you!  Enjoy a class involving simple, passive, seated poses to facilitate the release of deep-seated bodily tension and calm the nervous system. This class is designed for students of all levels, beginning the class with a relaxing mediation and moving into a sequence of simple seated poses that are held for several minutes, and a sweet extended savasana (relaxation) at the end. This class is great for those who want to cultivate more patience on and off the mat, stretch the deeper connective tissue and fascia in the body, and to allow the fight or flight response to take a break. A passive style of yoga designed to find more flexibility and relaxation in the mind and body, while cultivating a keen sense of mindfulness.   All levels welcome!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


No warrior poses here!  And you can wear socks!  Restorative yoga is a gentle, passive style of yoga designed to allow the body to go into the mode of “rest and digest,” to counter an active mind, body, and lifestyle.  Restorative classes employ the use of cozy props such as bolsters, eye pillows, and blankets to support the body in order to recuperate from stress and enjoy the conscious feeling of stillness and quiet in the mind that most of us only experience when sleeping. All levels welcome!

Restorative Yoga

Instructor: Monica Capps


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


End your week with joy and ease. Yoga wisdom teaches that opposites bring balance. During the hottest days of summer, you can find balance with this cooling gentle practice of fluid movement and breath work followed by restorative poses and an extended savasana. This class is sure to leave you feeling ahhh… refreshed. All levels welcome.


Flow & Restore

Instructor: Liz Riggs


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


A multi level class for experienced students that want to get back to basics and beginner friendly for the new practitioner. Emphasis on alignment, breathwork, joint mobility and improved balance.  Class will begin with gentle movement and build to a focus on Yoga’s fundamental poses. Detailed verbal cues and props will allow the student to maximize the benefits of the the asana (pose)  for their unique body. 

Yoga FUNdamentals

Instructor: Debbie Harrell


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


This class will combine breath and movement in such a way that students will flow from one pose to the next, building strength and flexibility as they unite mind and body in a dynamic practice. Come listen to great music, and work through a challenging energetic flow, this class is great for yogis looking to build some heat. All levels are welcome, however this class is recommended for intermediate students. 

Vinyasa Flow 1

Instructor: Dianna Helgesen


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Looking for a challenging class to push your practice up a notch? This one is for you! A faster paced flow class with lively music, high energy, and challenging pose work that promises to leave you achy but wanting more!  Recommended for intermediate and advanced students.

Vinyasa Flow 2

Instructor: Erin Stack


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Hatha Yoga

Instructor: TBD


Hatha Yoga, which literally means “union through discipline of force”, is a school of Yoga that stresses mastery of the body as a way of attaining a state of spiritual clarity. A focus on breath, movement, and mindfulness create a perfect balance to explore the connection between your mind and your body. All levels are welcome!


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online

Combining breathing practices, asanas, and mindfulness this class will create a gentle flow in your practice, brining clarity, strength, flexibility and balance. If you are new to yoga, or if you are looking for a practice that is meditative while still engaging, this is a great session for you. All levels are welcome! 

Hatha Slow Flow Yoga

Instructor: Yolanda Imprevento


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Candlelight Gentle Flow

Instructor: Yolanda Imprevento


Like the Hatha Class, we will be combining breathing practices, asanas, and mindfulness to create a gentle flow appropriate for all levels. This class will be taught in the soft glow of candle light, to help increase relaxation and bring clarity, strength, and balance. If you are new to yoga, or if you are looking for a practice that is meditative while still engaging, this is a great session for you. Enjoy the peaceful serenity of soft music and candlelight. All levels are welcome! 

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Sunday Morning JAMZ

Instructor: Dianna Helgesen


Get your Sunday morning started off right with an active flow practice. This class will combine breath and movement flowing from one pose to the next. Expect an upbeat eclectic playlist and an energetic practice that will leave you ready to take on the day. This is a multi-level class so modifications will be given for beginners. Come in and jam with us!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online



Instructor: Karen Babcock


This class will be a little yin and a little yang, finding balance with the male and female energies. We will focus on asanas to build some heat and energy to cultivate the masculine forces, then we will cool it back down to bring balance with feminine cooling energies. This class is all about balance, using both yin and restorative yoga techniques. This class is appropriate for all levels!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Slip into the calming zone of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with our triple R class. This class focuses on slow restorative poses flowing gently to revitalize and recharge the body. This class may employ the use of cozy props such as bolsters, eye pillows, and blankets to support the body in order to recuperate from stress and enjoy the conscious feeling of stillness and quiet in the mind that most of us only experience when sleeping. All levels welcome!

Restore, Relax, Revitalize 

Instructor: Monica Capps


$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Gentle Yoga

Instructor: Debbie Harrell


A carefully aligned, nicely paced class, to help you find a sense of ease from your neck and shoulders to your hips, hamstrings and lower back.  Gentle mindful movement for muscle toning and stretching with a focus on improved balance, flexibility, joint freedom and breath work. Standing, seated and reclining mat poses offering modifications and props to make each pose accessible to your unique body.  Everybody welcome.  Beginner friendly!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Yoga Nidra

Instructor: Liz Riggs


Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that has been clinically demonstrated to promote well-being, healing, and transformation. Yoga Nidra or "yogic sleep” is a gentle practice that teaches you how to maintain conscious awareness while accessing the healing state of deep sleep. Powerfully transformative yet deeply relaxing, this is an enjoyable and easy practice that everybody can do. While resting on your back, you will be led through a series of visualizations, guided meditations, and relaxation techniques to help you release tension, increase resilience, and bring deep rest and rejuvenation to your mind and body.  Everybody welcome.  Beginner friendly!

$16.00 Drop In | $12.00 Online


Interested in a private lesson? Sessions are $50 per hour.

Contact us for more details! beachbellys@gmail.com