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Belle's Buddies: Friends of BBY

We are part of a proud community of healers, yogis, mystics, and wellness practitioners. Below are some links to other amazing people and places of interest to the BBY community and mission. Feel free to click through and show them some love and support. 

Breathe Yoga Center - Where many of our instructors, including our founder Yolanda Imprevento, received their 200 hour teacher certification. 

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. - Known as the father of holistic medicine and healing, Edgar Cayce was America's most famous psychic known as the "sleeping prophet". The A.R.E. or Association of Research and Enlightenment, is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, and is an incredible resource. 

Yoga For All Training - Developed by Dianne Bondy as a way to help yoga instructors train in body diversity. Her course allows instructors an opportunity to learn about cues, modifications and props for bodies of all sizes. 

Body Positive Yoga - Developed by Amber Karnes, body positive yoga is a great resource for learning more about inclusive yoga for people of all sizes! 

Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy - An excellent resource for those interested in learning more about healing crystals and crystal therapy. Erin Zerbe received her healing certification from this accredited and rigorous program. Lots of free resources available here!

Oasis Centre - Founded by Sister Geraldine Byrne (Yolanda's Aunt!) the Oasis Centre is located in Dublin, Ireland and provides crisis intervention, therapy and counseling, as well as mindfulness training. In fact, many of the mindfulness techniques used here at BBY come directly from the Oasis Mindfulness Program.  An incredible place, with an incredible cause!

Ghidrah's Mind, Body, & Spirit Store - Located in the quaint town of Adrian, MI, Ghidrah's is a fun shop for all your metaphysical needs. They carry oils, crystals, and all sorts of essential products for the holistic healer. If you are in Michigan, stop by and try out their amethyst biomat!