What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils that are found naturally in plants. Getting essential oils from plants is done with a process called distillation, most commonly by steam or water, where many parts of the plants are being used including the plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, or bark.

After distillation, the outcome is a highly concentrated portion of essential oil which will have the characteristic fragrance and properties of the plant from which it was extracted. These oils are highly therapeutic and healing. Used the world over, essential oils can be used for mental, emotional, and psychical issues. Like the plants from which they come, these oils can be extremely useful for all sorts of purposes. 

Do Essential Oils Have HealthBenefits?

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. While the oils are still in the plant, they provide the plants with protection against predators and disease, and also play a role in plant pollination. As these properties carry forward into the essential oils, folk medicine since ancient times has made use of essential oils in medicinal practices.

This knowledge is also still widely used today. Modern scientific studies and trends lean again towards more holistic approaches to wellness and a revival of essential oils for physical and psychological health and well-being applications.

The most common therapeutic application of essential oils is that of aromatherapy, where healing effects are achieved through the aromas of the essential oils. However, other methods of oil use include topically and internally.

How To Tell If an Essential Oil is High Quality?

Buying an essential oil is easy. Buying a good one, on the other hand, can be a challenge, even for trained aromatherapists. Ideally, you’ll get a bottle of potent liquid distilled from the flower, root, leaf, or rind of an aromatic plant. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know if that’s what’s actually in the little bottle you brought home. Some vendors "extend" essential oils by mixing them with less expensive nut and seed oils, while others pass low-cost oils off as ones that are harder (and pricier) to come by. And others just totally fake it with synthetics that echo the plant’s scent.  This presents an issue because in order to get the benefits of the oils, they MUST be of high quality and caliber. 

There are so many oils out there, and even more companies are popping up to capitalize on this growing market and interest in essential oil health. How do you find the best quality oils? In order to bring you the absolute BEST oils available at the highest therapeutic grade quality, we have expert wellness advocates on staff trained and able to help make recommendations, offer consultations, teach workshops, and help cut through all the confusion surrounding essential oils.