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Yoga and Queer Identity Workshop


The intention of this workshop is to provide a safe space for queer self-inquiry and contemplation of the complete yoga practice, exploring the eight limbs through a queer lens. It is meant to be an LGBTQ+ only space, and all who self-identify as such are welcome. The ultimate aim is to leave participants with a solid foothold into yoga philosophy and practice that resonates and jives with their queer identity.

The workshop opens with centering and a brief, grounding meditation, incorporating use of pranayama, mudra, and/or restorative pose work as appropriate. The group will then spend time in discussion, looking at the eight limbs of yoga (particularly the yamas and niyamas) through a queer lens, led by the instructor and incorporating moments for group reflection and sharing. We will follow the discussion with another brief meditation for integration and an hour-long, all-levels asana practice that is designed to support the queer physical and energetic bodies through chakral and anatomical alignment and breath-based flow. We’ll close with savasana and a final guided meditation.



Melanie Williams, RYT-200 As a queer, non-binary, and larger-bodied yoga teacher, Melanie is called to create and maintain truly and profoundly inclusive spaces for wellness, self-inquiry, and the inward journey. Her teaching approach integrates spirituality, accessible movement, and the spirit of social justice. Melanie believes that the goal of yoga, as of life, is collective liberation, and in her teaching she asks her students to question and dismantle the systems and beliefs that hold them back through welcoming, intuitive, and adaptively challenging yoga practices. Melanie is a longtime yoga practitioner and has been teaching since 2016. She lives in Washington D.C., where she manages a radically-inclusive wellness center and volunteers on a urban farm. She is a member of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition’s leadership team, championing body-positivity and diversity in the yoga world. Learn more at  

$30 Per Person. Space Is Limited